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Onde comer em sintra

Where to eat in Sintra?

This article answers the most repeated question asked by our guests at check-in. Where to eat in Sintra? A question with an answer a bit dubious.

The concept of eating well is different for every guest.

For this reason the first reaction to this question is to smile. This we have often done to conceal the apprehension of not knowing if we will respond correctly.

We have some references for where to eat in Sintra. Places we have tried and others that our guests discuss with us as having had a positive experience.

However, our experience or the experience of our guests will not necessarily meet all expectations.
So to be as assertive as possible, we make a small mistake to realize what each guest values ​​in choosing the right restaurant.

Factors such as Price / quality, location, service, type of food, wine list or waiting time have a different importance for each guest.

In fact, we have a list of suggestions of where to eat in Sintra, of which we are confident to suggest. Not that we have any partnership or benefit in doing so, but rather because they fulfill the requirements that we consider obligatory.

For everything to go well, we just have to identify the type of customer and suggest the restaurant that best suits what the guest is looking for.

We share the popular list here with some photos and links so you can make your evaluation.

Where to eat in Sintra?

::::. Sintra Terrace

::::. Tascantiga

::::. Romaria do Baco

::::. Tasca do Xico


Source: Facebook Sintra Terrace

Sintra Terrace

Miradouro da Ferraria 3, 2710-591 Sintra

Distance from Águamel Sintra on foot: 3m

10H – 19H


Source: Facebook Tascantiga


Escadinhas da Fonte da Pipa 2, 2710-557 Sintra

Distance from Águamel Sintra on foot: 1m

12H – 22H | Closed on Sundays


Source: Facebook Romaria de Baco

Romaria de Baco

Gil Vicente 2, 2710-542 Sintra

Distance from Águamel Sintra on foot: 3m

11H – 24H


Source: Facebook Tasca do Xico

Tasco do Xico

Arco do Teixeira 6, 2710 Sintra

Distance from Águamel Sintra on foot: 3m

10H – 23H30



Overall, our guests’ feedback is 99% positive.

We would not be honest if we affirmed that they are always positive. Of course, every guest is demanding in his own way but in the end it is anticipated that everything is usually “always right”.

When you share with us a less positive experience, we always try to isolate what was not taken care of to meet the expectations of the guest to understand if it was a false expectation of our guest in relation to the restaurant or if the restaurant is unprofessional and unprofessional.

Because we understand that foodexperience has an important value in the final evaluation of the trip we are demanding in the restaurants that we suggest. To this day, these restaurants are the ones that deserve our trust.


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