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The viewpoints of Sintra closest to Águamel Sintra

Only by the natural geography of Sintra, inserted between valleys, it favors the existence of several viewpoints on the village. Add to that the romantic landscapes of rare and exotic trees plus the romantic architecture of the palaces and farms built here, the result could only be one: panoramic views over the village that look like the most beautiful paintings in the world.

We leave here some suggestions that you can not miss. All of them are free and within a few minutes of our guesthouse.


Miradouro da Vigia

Escadinhas da Vigia 4, 2710-501 Sintra

Distance from Aguamel Sintra:

On foot: 15 minutes (1 km)

By Car: 6 minutes (1.5 km)

GPS: 38.794736, -9.380574

This belvedere is certainly one of those that presents its visitors with one of the most beautiful panoramic views of the Sintra mountain range. From here, you can see Pena National Palace, Moorish Castle and St. Gregory’s Castle. In front of the viewpoint is the garden of the lookout, carefully arranged. Place of election to date.


Miradouro da Ferraria

Miradouro da Ferraria, 2710-591 Sintra

Distance from Aguamel Sintra

On foot: 3 minutes (150 m)

By Car: –

GPS: 38.796222, -9.389972

The belvedere of Ferraria is located in the historic center of the village. It is a privileged place to be dazzled by all the beauty and architecture of the village. To add, you can enjoy this landscape by drinking a glass of wine or sampling some local delicacies at the village viewpoint restaurant or at the Sintra terrace Tapas Bar.


Miradouro do jardim correnteza

Alameda Combatentes da Grande Guerra 11, 2710-569 Sintra

Distance from Aguamel Sintra

On foot: 16 minutes (0.7 miles)

By Car: 14 minutes (4.2 km)

GPS: 38.801186, -9.384332

A place of choice for the population and visitors of Sintra. From here you can see the Raposa Valley, the Castle of the Moors, the National Palace of Sintra and Vila Velha. Enjoy also to rest on the banks of the garden of Correnteza in the shade of some trees classified of municipal interest.

On the first and third Saturday of each month there is the Brocante Market and the Sintra Craft where you can find antiques and souvenirs, dishes and decorative items, books and crafts, among many other articles.


Miradouro do Adro da Igreja de S. Martinho

Biquinha 1-A, 2710-542 Sintra

Distance from Aguamel Sintra

On foot: 3 minutes (140 m)

By Car: –

GPS: 38.796628, -9.391450

Church of S. Martinho, a temple of Roman-Gothic origin that was devastated by the earthquake of 1755. In its exterior there is a viewpoint of easy access where it can contemplate a part of the mountain range the National Palace of the Pena, the Castle of the Moors and the Palace Sintra National Park. This place gets a special charm at the end of the day when the sun hides behind the mountains.

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