quinta da regaleira vista da entrada principal

Regaleira Palace and Estate

Palácio da Regaleira (Regaleira Palace and Estate) is the main building and the more common name for Quinta da Regaleira (Estate Regaleira).

It is also known as Palácio (palace) do Monteiro dos Milhões, after the nickname (Millions Monteiro) of its former owner, António Augusto Carvalho Monteiro.

The palatial villa is situated on the mountainside not far from Sintra’s historical centre. It has been classified as a Building of Public Interest since 2002.

Carvalho Monteiro, based on a design by the Italian architect Luigi Manini, transformed the 4-hectare estate into a palace surrounded by lush gardens, lakes, grottoes and enigmatic constructions with hidden alchemical meanings, such as those evoked by the Freemasons, Templars and Rosicrucians. The varied styles of his design evoke Romanesque, Gothic, Renaissance and Manueline architecture. The Regaleira Estate is a place that has to experienced. It is not enough to describe the memories, landscape and mysteries. You have to discover it, contemplate the design of the gardens and buildings, admire the palace a true philosopher’s mansion of alchemical inspiration and walk round the exotic park and experience its spirituality.


1 APR · 30 SEP
09h30 – 20h00 (last visit – 19h00)

1 OCT · 31 MAR
09h30 – 18h00 (last visit – 17h00)

Throughout the year the Palace, the Chapel and eventual exhibition spaces close half an hour before the garden.

Quinta da Regaleira closes on 24 and 25 December.


Source: Quinta da Regaleira / Sintra Romântica